Going Dutch

Today is the 6th day of my new life. On March 1st of this year, I boarded a plane in Seattle after packing or purging all my worldly possessions and moved to the Netherlands. I had been thinking about doing this ever since I met my Dutch boyfriend but the thinking and the doing are 2 very different species. My reality is that I am now a girl in a new Country and can truly make this adventure into anything I want. Now, only if I felt so brave.

I was working on board a cruise ship for Holland America. I had the fun-filled position of Party Planner in which I got to travel around the world teaching cooking, hosting events and crafting at sea. It was incredibly fabulous for awhile until the rigors of sea life started to catch up with me and then I met my boyfriend in Antarctica.

It was just another cruise for me but interestingly enough, a few days before he boarded as a passenger I asked the Universe for a new relationship. My only requests were that it be passionate, incredibly honest and authentic and that we would have great sex. Little did I know then that my wishes would be granted tri-fold and that two years later, I would be sitting at his kitchen table in the tiny village he was born in, writing my first blog post.

My background is incredibly varied. I have been (in no particular order) a showgirl, a clothing designer, an aspiring TV host, worked for a famous boxing trainer, a cook, a seamstress, manager of an art gallery amongst a slew of other career stops. Though through it all I have always wrote and writing has been one of my primary passions for as long as I can remember. I would love to chronicle my new life here, this crazy huge journey that I have just undertook. I live in the Northern part of the Netherlands, I do not yet speak Dutch, I can barely ride a bicycle and the idea of driving stick-shift scares the beejezus outta me- let alone trying to navigate the world on ice skates. But here I am, Going Dutch.