Back in Seattle for a Moment

I am back in Seattle for vacation and to see my family. March 1st I celebrated my 1-year anniversary of living in the Netherlands. Ironically though I was actually in Belgium at the time. A whole year has gone by since I packed up my life, quit my job and gave up my cute apartment. And, I couldn't be happier.

I think I take it for granted how big a move that truly was. I was just ready and I just did it. Sure I debated about leaving my elderly father but I also had this profound neon marquee shining brightly that said "If not now, then when?". I took the leap and I tried to trust that the net will appear.

So here I am a years worth of move behind me and I can honestly say that this has been the ultimate game-changer. I've had to adapt to another culture, learn another language and as a result a whole nother way of thinking that goes with it. But it is truly mind-expanding and life-changing.

If you ever get a chance to move to another place, do it. It can very well take you to something that you never even dreamed of.