Roadmaps and Where has the Time Gone?

I can NOT believe that it is already the 20th of January. It seems like this month has just about flown by. I've been busy writing new articles and am excited that my first one for is finally up. It's all about low-carb pasta.

I am also happy to say that the month is not over and I have already manifested 1 of my goals for the year. To travel more! I'm heading to Brussels on Valentines Day for 2 weeks of fun, beer, chocolate, culture and puppy sitting. I'm planning to document my journey through food and markets so will be posting pictures here and writing about my adventures.

And speaking of goals. I bought this fabulous 2014 workbook to Create Your Amazing Year by Leonie Dawson. I'm having so much fun with it (and already manifested something fabulous!) that I became an affiliate for the product. Here's a photo of it:

It really helps you to define your goals and lay them out all in one place. Sort of like a Road Map. If you are interested in ordering it, I'd LOVE if you used this link: Workbook.

Best Wishes for a fabulous rest of January!

Much Love,