Introducing, A Delicious Life; my new lifestyle blog

Happy New Year!

I had decided that for 2014 I wanted to relaunch my blog and get away from focusing on my life as an Expat and more onto adding fun and sparkle to my life. So I came up with "Project Fabulous" a sort of challenge / make-over journey to upgrade my life. At first it sounded like an amazing way to keep me accountable and to follow through. Then this morning, I woke up in a dire panic. It no longer sounded fun, but in fact kind of dreadful and a bit like adding another "chore" to my life. Wasn't the idea of refocusing my blog supposed to be fun? A way to make everyday a bit more magical?

So, I introduce "A Delicious Life". This will instead be a fun, carefree journey to make my life more inspired, more playful and all around more yummy. And hopefully add some fun new ideas to your life as well. The title is a play on words on going through life with the name "Candi" combined with living in the Netherlands and the love of the Dutch word "lekker" which means "tasty" or "delicious". Lekker is probably one of the most used words in the Dutch language (which I'm currently studying) and can be used in any context from a meal being "lekker" to "lekker weer" (delicious weather). So why not make every day more delicious? That definitely sounds fun to me!

In addition to being a food writer and finishing up my first novel, I love to cook, bake bread, entertain, knit sweaters, make clothes and drink wine. So this blog will be a little bit of everything- bits and pieces that add up to one delicious life.

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you tune in and come along on this journey. Best wishes for a fabulous 2014!