Extraordinary Busyness and a Change in Focus

Hello Love!

Wow, it has been a while! I have been missing my blog and writing posts. I finally started Dutch school in early August. I had an intense month of daily Dutch classes where I happily learned more to say than "Roken is dodelijk" and "Ik ben Candi". I also learned a ton about sentence structure and writing Dutch though sadly my dreams of composing anything other that a grocery shopping list in het Naderlands, have been madly dashed!

Going back to school also coincided with a brand spankin' new food writing gig for such sites as ehow and Global Post. Though the research has been delicious, I went from all the free time in the world to having barely any.

My Birthday was September 11th. My first Birthday officially living in the Netherlands. It was chock full of fun including a party in a tent and loads of great presents. I am so grateful! 

So with the start of my new year, I have decided to upgrade my life in many ways. For starters, I dyed my hair (pictures soon to follow), bought new clothes, finished my studio and have made a few incredible new friends.

I have also decided that though I know I am an American in the Netherlands, and that I will always be an "Expat", I just no longer want to be an outsider. Yes, this chick from Miami has decided to embrace Dutch life. Hence the change in focus of my life and of this blog. And that is one of the main reasons I haven't written of late. I started this blog as an adventure in being an American in another land. Then realized that as long as I keep writing like an Expat, I'll forever remain an outsider.  

I'm still on the fence of what fully I want to focus this blog on. I may just stay true to myself and post about my colorful life. Either way, I truly hope you will tune in. All 3 of you!