Queen's Day and an Afternoon in Germany

A few days ago was Queen’s Day and the crowning of the new King. At first I was really excited to be here for the festivities as not everyday you live in a Country where there’s a changing of the guard and a new King (and Queen) is crowned. Especially as an American.  But, we live quite far from Amsterdam where the main festivities were taking place and the idea of hanging out with a million people all day to catch a glimpse of something that you could easily see on TV in the end, didn’t sound very enticing to me. So, instead, we decided to eschew the goings on and head to Germany for the day.

Now you may be thinking why would I give up a once in a lifetime opportunity to party with the masses and celebrate the Royal event? I’m not really sure except that I live really close to the German border and having never been in Germany before I took this opportunity to add another country visited to my list. Plus, I had always wanted     “ to have a beer in Germany” on my bucket list and this gave me a chance to cross it off.

We spent the day in Leer on the River Ems- a really quaint little town about 30 minutes from our house. While walking in the main shopping district I stumbled upon an Asian market. There this American girl in Germany for the Dutch Queen’s Day managed to secure her favorite Miami childhood snack of plantain chips made in Ecuador. How positively International.

And, I got to have my beer in Germany ironically at an American themed restaurant called Hollywood’s.