New Friend and the Food of Dutch Language

I have my very own friend in the Village- one that I met myself. I actually had met her a few years ago in Alaska of all places and turned out she lives about 2 blocks from my boyfriend. Though my life is ripe with these sorts of magical occurrences- still, what are the chances? And to make things even sweeter- she’s also crafty. I hit the craft lottery so to speak when I found out that in addition to owning several sewing machines, she also has an overlock serger machine, a walking-foot sewing machine and a knitting machine- all of which I can borrow. I’m in a bit of crafty heaven right about now. And like me, she also loves to cook.

The other day she picked me up and we drove to Groningen (the Big city here). It’s a beautiful old town with a University and great shopping. It was positively freezing though and that made strolling through the Friday Market near Arctic. She took me to a stall that sold nothing but spices. Absolutely glorious spices of every color, type and dimension. As a girl who loves to cook, I was just about blown away!

Early on, I decided to focus my Dutch language learning for the time being on food. I read Dutch cookbooks and all the Grocery Store advertisements to learn words. Funny, that I learned to say “Bieslook” (Chives) before I learned to say “Hoe gaat het?” (How are you?) But it makes sense for now as I can not yet go to school until I start the Immigration process and get a residency number. I figure I will master the language of food, then move on to fashion in this self-study. Perhaps this mode of learning will amuse my teachers once I finally can enroll in Dutch school. At least, for now my homework is delicious.