Rediscovering Fabulous

The other day I had a thought that has been nagging me ever since. As I typed a user name into a website, it dawned on me. For as long as I can remember, my username has been "fabulouscandiland". I've used this since I got my first email address back in 1997 from Yahoo and have been using it ever since. The problem is that though I type "fabulous" countless times a day, I feel anything but.

In my 20's I went to fashion school and then spent my evenings getting paid to dance in the hottest clubs in Miami Beach. I'd spend hours making glamorous costumes that I got to strut on stage, on tables, on bars- any surface would do to showcase my fabulous creations.

Later on I moved to LA where I was known for outlaw, impromptu fashion shows and throwing innovative  soirees at my pad- most notable one called 'Fidel Navidad'- a Cuban Paramilitary Christmas Party. Guests drank mojitos while salsa dancing and I wore a slinky Latin-inspired cocktail dress that I made that afternoon and my boyfriend at the time dressed as Fidel Castro.

Then I spent 3 years traveling the world teaching others to throw fabulous parties all while dressing up, getting inspired, living glamorously and seeing the world.

But now I find myself living in a small village in the north of the Netherlands, working at home and sporting jeans and a ponytail day after day. What happened to fabulous?

To me fabulous has always been more than just an outfit, or a look or an adjective. But rather, "fabulous" is a way of life. Waking up each day excited about what you are going to discover, taking the time to look good (and feel good), having fun get-togethers that you come away from feeling invigorated. Finding the beauty in the everyday. It's not becoming complacent and God forbid, ordinary.

Though I did take a huge plunge this year and moved across the world, I seem to have lost my sparkle. I'm spending most of my time writing about food and wine and learning Dutch that I am forgetting to play, to dress up, to discover. I'm completely not living glamour in the everyday.

I'm taking this as a wake-up call and a new focus for 2014- rediscovering (and reclaiming) Fabulous.