Pairing Wine and Candy

Candy, despite being my name is positively one of my favorite foods. Gummy Bears, Skittles, any sort of fruit-flavored hard candy, yum. The fabulous folks at Fooddiggity have ingeniously came up with a wine and Halloween candy pairing chart (and thanks to Jessi for passing it on!) LOVE the Nerds / Champagne pairing idea. And candy corn with a buttery Chardonnay- double yum. For Skittles, I would also try Vihno Verde, the gorgeous green wine from Portugal, a personal wine favorite of mine. It's dry with a bit of citrus and a slight metallic finish. For added bonus, it has a touch of sparkling wine-like effervescence. Ah, wishing I was in the States right now with a big ol' bag of contraband candy. Cheers!