A New Vision

I'm a very visual person and  years ago I heard about creating a "vision board", a sort of visual road map of your goals and dreams in life. Since 2008, I've created a board each and every year, starting with that very first one I created while I was in Paris for the very first time. I had brought along a glue stick and a little envelope of images that conveyed what it was that I wanted in life. One morning as snow drifted outside and my brother, whom I was traveling with slept, I sat at the little desk of the rented apartment and pasted my dreams into a collage. I have to note that 2008 turned out to be a pretty epic year for me. I had finally realized my dream if going to Paris, I created the pilot of the TV show that I had written and to top it off, I got the job working on a cruise ship that would ultimately change my life.

In the FB group that I belong to; the LAB that I mentioned in my first post, one of the members Autumn posed the question of vision boards a few weeks ago. At the time I was staring at my own vision board that honestly had grown dusty and stale and had become not much of an inspiration anymore. I decided that now was the time to revamp my vision and give myself a new road map ripe with my new and juicy goals. On it I posted my favorite photo of myself. I made a mock-up of the book that I have finished writing and am now editing. I have a photo of Amsterdam, a city that I find so inspiring and so beautiful and that each time I visit, I just can not believe that people get to live there! I have also posted words that as a writer, can be so incredibly powerful to me.

During a particularly inspiring session with Megan Allen Tsui who is a life and business coach, we talked about my vision board and she proposed that instead of it just hanging on my wall for just me to see, that I should sent it out into the Stratosphere to give it some momentum. The idea completely scared me at first. I was used to keeping my dream collages as my own, for only me to see. But then it hit me. If the ideas of sharing my goals with others, even if they are in a visual code, scares me then its all the more reason to put them out there. Ah, so here it goes, I am sharing with you my new vision for my dreamier life.